Tips For Developing An Effective Pre-shot

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Watch many of the world's best putters and you will notice they all have in common a definable, repeatable pre-putting routine. The preshot putting routine takes the focus off mechanics and enables their body to become target focused. That is, they will practice their routine to discover the fault that was the cause of there poor putting. Most of the time it is very simple to reveal - just by practicing their preshot routine. This putting tip works only if you are using a conventional putter.

The preshot putting routine is different (or slightly different) for every golfer. Because each persons shoulders, arms, hips, knees, hands, and neck all make up a different set of size and mass. (Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter) The process that will square one persons shoulders will open anothers, and close yet another persons shoulders.

Try this routine to see if it helps you putt better. First Get into an Athletic Golf Setup to Putt the GolfBall into the Hole. How? You have heard this many times. Do not bend forward from the waist!

You get into an athletic golf position by bending forward from the hips. Grip the putter in your left hand to start while standing behind the ball. Pass the putter back and forth between the left and right hands two times finally stopping with the putter in your right hand. Then, take your left arm and push it straight out from your body and let it drop comfortably to your side. Next, keep your left hand in front of your body and push the putter with the right hand into the left hand. Do not move the left hand to the right hand, move the right to the left. This is an important setup key as there is a direct relationship between this grip position and the rocking of the shoulders up and down on the spine.

What you have done is activate the large golf muscles in your shoulders, neck, lats, arms, triceps, and biceps. This as we know is important because in golf we want to use the bigger muscles for consistency and repeatability. In addition, you have enabled the right side of your body (for right handed players ) to control the putt. If you do not stay back on the ball you will most likely lunge a bit forward and push the putt to the right of your target.

Lastly, while staying in your current posture, walk to the golf ball, address it and putt it to the hole. If you follow this preshot putting routine you will put the golf ball in the hole more often. That is the way to score. (Odyssey white Steel 2-ball Srt Putter) Practice this technique to build confidence in your putting stroke.

Moreover, there are several pre-shot tips.

See and Feel the Ball into the Hole

Good putting is about vision and feel. After you select a line, now is the time to imprint a powerful image of the ball rolling on its line into the hole. Be sure to see the pace needed to keep the ball on that line. Some players are more kinaesthetic and prefer to feel the ball into the hole. Bob Murphy is an example of a feel putter. He said: "I don't worry about position, I just walk in behind a putt, wiggle around until I get comfortable and then I hit it". The type of image is not what's important. What's important is that you use an image that's right for you.

Stay Line and Target Focused

Your eyes want to play tricks with your mind on the green. As you move from behind the ball and walk into address the putt, perception changes and so does your recognition of the line. It's critical that you don't take your mind and eyes off your target. An excellent putting tip is to stay fixated on your line and spot as you walk into the ball. This way you won't lose target focus and trick yourself into changing your read.

Use Self-Talk to Your Advantage

No one can make you feel confident, but yourself, and now is the time. Great putters use self-talk to help them stay focused on execution and to be confident. Use self-talk to your advantage! Tell yourself: " I deserve to make this putt", or "I'm due to make one", as you go through your routine.

Aim Your Putter with Your Eyes over the Line

Golf is a target game, and aiming is the key to hitting your target. Poor aim leads to compensations in the stroke. I want you to aim the putter first with your eyes over the ball and target line (you can sight the line better with this approach). After you aim your putter, then align your body around the putter head. (Odyssey White Hot XG Putter 2009) Also, don't try to be too precise or perfect when aiming so that you can't pull the trigger when it's time to stroke the ball.

Accept the Results

Accepting the result is the final step in a solid routine. Your post shot or post putt reaction is very important. You need to release the past and get into the present moment before your next shot. Dwelling on missing won't help you make putts. If you want to putt well, be objective and accept what happens. I want you for the next five rounds to walk off each green with a least one thing you did well. This will help you make your most confident stroke on the next hole.

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Tips For Developing An Effective Pre-shot

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This article was published on 2010/12/10