Pre-Shot Routine: The Key to Superb Putting

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Call it being obsessive-compulsive or simply being superstitious, but athletes in practically all kinds of sports all have their pre-game or pre-shot rituals that they keep, in order to stay focused and hopefully reach their goals. The game of golf is a perfect example where pre-game rituals and pre-shot routines are prevalent for most, if not all players. And like what we said, these routines may seem to look just mere superstition in nature superficially speaking but in reality, they play a crucial role in the success of these golfers, including the game’s famous and respected names.

And when it comes to putting, which is one of golf’s trickiest shots, building and having the right pre-putting routine can take you towards success quicker. So here are some tips that you may want to consider including in your game as you hit those putters.  

Visualizing behind the ball

Developing a routine which you will be following even during those crucial and pressure-packed situations is important in order to arrive at favorable results. And since you want something consistent, you should go for one that will not take too much of your time. Begin by visualizing how the ball will find its way towards the hole and you are to do by crouching in a spot somewhere behind the ball and in line with the hole. Picture the direction of the break if it favors the left side or the right side and visualize the line that will lead towards your target.

Third’s a charm

Once you are done visualizing behind the ball, go towards the middle portion of the lowside from the distance between the ball and the hole. Once you have reached the spot, try to use some visualizing again by dividing the distance into three and shifting your attention towards the last third. Why so? Because it is usually somewhere in this spot that the ball breaks and there is where you want to shift your attention to as far as the movement of the ball is concerned once it gets here after you hit it with your club.

Stick to the line and setup properly

Once you have determined the imaginary line, it is now time for you to go back towards the ball and setup for your shot. But as you go back, you should keep focused on the line that you have charted on your mind. Keep your eyes on the line until you are ready to take the shot. Forget about doing practice strokes since they will only disrupt the connecting line that you have already visualized.

Taking the putter

Now that you have properly set up and your eyes fixated intently on the line, it is now time to execute the putter. Avoid taking too much time as you have already given enough of it in the first to three steps of this pre-shot routine. Take your putter behind the ball, give you target one good and final look and then hit it.

Just practice this drill and make it part of your arsenal when hitting putts and you will be amazed of the improvements that await you.

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Pre-Shot Routine: The Key to Superb Putting

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Pre-Shot Routine: The Key to Superb Putting

This article was published on 2012/10/31