On the lever what action was right?

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Yesterday on the practice range in the mirror to see my swing feel worse, with magazine pictures are a lot of poor (especially when on the bar) ... may

be it is my posture is not correct! good hitting ball is the next , but the position must be beautiful!! so to ask you what action on the lever will be "water up" mean?

the ball location, those that the location can not play lay one can declare that the ball can not hit, can follow the three-way drop, concurrence of a deal:

(1) back to the pole position hitting ball.

(2) position of the ball within two cue length drop, but the location can not stop throwing the ball than the original ball I'm very happy to receive Titleist 910 D2 Driver that dayposition closer to the hole.

(3) In the location of the hole and the ball behind the line of extension drop, the length of the extension cord is no limit.

Golf is not quick. Performance is the key to playing more with less...

Integrated - wedge keep hands, arms and the shoulders  formed by the triangle. low and large wedge, and maintain smooth action.  arms reach around waist height naturally curved wrist. the arms of the triangle to turn right, so that the body's natural weight shift on the right footof the meat ball.  right foot of meat ball as the center of balance, rather than outside of right foot; focus on the right foot to maintain balance between meat ball, the arms will gradually triangle to pull the cue inside of the target line. avoid the weight move to right foot outside, taking care to keep balance.  on the lever to maintain the curvature of right knee,while allowing right foot and the inside of right leg, feeling of pressure and withstand it. think "3 / 4 swing," and totally she will buy Ping G20 irons for her husband turn the shoulders, and limit turned the hip.on the lever head slightly turn to the right; However, during the swing, there should be no vertical head movements - unless it reach to the last stage.

In recent years, fairway wood is of great breakthrough on the material and design, and be replaced the long iron cue, Because of the rod head of the long iron cue is lesser and Angle is small , the average amateur players feel quite tough to use fairway wood. The rise of players for the average in the second stem of Par5 or the long Par3 is fantastic to attack the Putting Green. In 1979 photographs Taylor launched a new wooden cue of fairway in iron,that called Pittsburgh Persimmon.At that time,it causes no great response but literally changed the history of manufacturing ball head in a new generation of materials and design ,the designers of the design cues can be more easily control the ball head of the size and the chassis of the center of gravity,and let the ball adjustment may be fly farther and after landing more rolling. In other words,

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On the lever what action was right?

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This article was published on 2011/08/27