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Here are some tips on actually making chip shots count. Let's start with this...which club is best for hitting a chip shot?

A. Choosing The Right Club

There is no hard and fast rule in this area. However, you must decide your club by:

How you need the ball to travel. (For example, If you are very close to the hole, then you won't need much loft.)The 7-iron and 8-iron are the most popular clubs used when golfers need to make a chip shot. Their clubfaces are less lofted, which gives them more accuracy as chipping tools. Personally, if I had to choose between the two, the 7-iron is my favorite for these type of shots. Just pick one & stick with it. Practicing with the same club, will help you master your technique.

B. Have Confidence

It is important to envision a positive outcome before setting up for your swing. This goes not only for chip shots, but for every shot you attempt. Visualizing the outcome is vital to it's success.

See yourself chipping your ball onto the green. See it happening....Having the correct mental picture set will exponentially increase your chances of hitting the ball correctly. It will also calm you down & lower your blood pressure (which can have a very positive effect on your swing). Relax. Envision. And it'll happen. Believing is the key.

C.The 8 Factors of Chipping

OK, this isn't rocket science. But, it does take practice & technique to get it right consistently.

Take it step by step to get a good understanding of the process (this is generally an integration of the steps covered in depth above):

1. Grab your club, preferably a 7-iron (as stated above), and stand up close to the target line.

2. Keeping your weight in the center of your stance, open up your front foot and shoulders toward the target.

3. Take a light, yet solid grip on the club.

4. Look at the green and select the ideal spot in which you want the ball to land.

5. Take a brief moment and visualize your swing making perfect contact with the ball, and having it land in the spot you want it to.

6. Keeping your wrists firm, draw the club back and keep it low to the ground. Your turn should be rotated by your shoulders, keeping your legs and lower body out of the swing and as still as possible.

7. Now swing your club back along the target line, then downswing through the ball.

8. Once you've made contact with the ball, keep your form solid and watch the ball hit the exact spot you aimed for, rolling ever so slowly toward the hole.

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Golf- How To Make The Perfect Chip Shot

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Golf- How To Make The Perfect Chip Shot

This article was published on 2011/06/10