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In the 20th century, best ball was wound balls. This is a liquid injection sphere, then to rubber cord wrapped around the ball. But also brought about a revolution in the new century: no wound balls can be comparable to the performance of three-layer solid sphere. This is a super ball flight distance has not seen before, almost automatically adjust flight.
So why you are still unable to drive the ball 300 yards on ball Road Central? The simple answer is because you are not a PGA Tour professional player, as we are one 99.9% of the high population of amateur players, no way to bar head at 120 miles per hour to play on the ball, and therefore cannot be best potential Titleist 910 D3 Driver performance of the ball in play today. You may be puzzled Golf varied choices on the market today, which one should be selected? The answer to this question will be more interesting than five years ago.

Core Tour ball
Two balls
Epidermal is most fit to be a durable plastic material called ionomer, ionomer with both hard and soft, manufacturers can use match between the two, adjust the feeling of want, reverse spin and hardness.
The core is made from butadiene polymers, it is an oil made from synthetic rubber, also applied in automobile tire manufacturing, with light weight elastic characteristics. Manufacturers will join zinc oxide and calcium carbonate, to increase the weight, and hardness. Reconcile each core has a unique formula to produce the wanted nuclear pressure with elastic. BLOB is to increase the amount of the core components.

Producers will add pigment for different styles of ball has different core color (for example Maxfli Revolution EXT is white, the Noodle is blue). The reason is simple, just avoid the manufacturing process of different styles mixed with the ball.
Three-layer ball

Manufacturers will use two different kinds of urethane (excellent Lidan) do epidermal material: thermoplastic plastic and hot fixed injection moulding. Both use a program to change the skin material, coated Taylormade R11 irons with the core. Urethane is light yellow or light brown in color, very sensitive to sunlight, so manufacturers are using white paint to protect. If a urethane skin ball wear when in use, you can see the white color of the paint underneath.
Coat thickness of about 0.005 0.001 inch, paper thin than this page four times. Most of the ball using urethane skin, four times previous to paint, probably on paint, white or light.

Most of the second layer is coated with hard ionomer made, even as hard ball with two layers of the epidermis. Maker is harder, and more on the explosive core of a soft layer of the epidermis, intermediate coating, when you use longer clubs avoid too much ball against spin, such as,first Drive.
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This article was published on 2011/08/19