A Quick and Concise Guide on How to Play Football

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You know you want a career as a top footballer and you know that you’ve got talent!

Of course you also know that you can’t just wait around for a top football agency to come knocking at your door.

Before you can sit down with a football agent, you must learn the basics of the game. Having done that, you must master them. This guide will help you with the first part of preparing for your meeting with that great football agency; the second part is all up to you!

So, here is how the game is played:

First, the referee tosses a coin. The team that wins the coin toss will kickoff. The kickoff is at the line of scrimmage (the center of the field.) This starts the football game.

If you are not the goalkeeper, then, you are an outfielder. There are ten outfielders arranged on the field in three lines. In the first row, closest to the opposing team are the forwards, or strikers, who attempt to make the goals. The midfielders are, yes, you guessed it, in the middle row. In the back row, just in front of the goalkeeper, are the defenders, or fullbacks who help defend the goal from the opposition teams attempts to score a goal.

Of course everybody dreams of scoring that game-winning goal, but please remember that football is a team sport. A winning team must keep the ball constantly moving between players, therefore, every professional player masters skills such as dribbling, passing and tackling.

You move the ball by dribbling it with your feet, or any other part of your body (famously, your head) except your hands. Only the goalkeeper uses their hands.

To dribble (control) the ball, you touch it gently with your foot. Always shield the ball and keep it close to your feet. Keep your shoulders low but your head up so that you not only can see where you are going but you can look for a good pass or an open space to move to.

To pass the ball you use the inside of your foot to push the ball gently and pass it to a teammate

Block tackling is the most basic way of taking possession of the ball. Your supporting foot should be firmly planted. As your opponent contacts the ball, you put your free foot perpendicular to the way your opponent is going. If you do this right, you opponent will stumble, or cough up the ball.

Penalties occur when a player makes a foul or illegal contact with another player (usually contact that can easily result in an injury or with the ball). A kickoff is then awarded to the opposing team.

The team that scores the maximum number of goals wins (in case of a tie, the match extends into overtime).

Learn the skills and follow the three laws of mastery (practice, practice, practice) and then you can call that football agent because, besides knowledge practice and of course talent, a football agency is an integral part of getting that all-time dream job (and that all-time dream life!)

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A Quick and Concise Guide on How to Play Football

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This article was published on 2012/10/08